Bluetooth connection problem


I bought Smart Satori 2400 last week and I am trying to connect it to Zwift. I have two laptops:

  1. Asus laptop without bluetooth option available, bought ASUS BT400 USB Bluetooth 4.0, installed it and turned it on. In Device I went to ‘‘Add Device’’ to add Satori, both are visible but when I try to connect them I get status - ‘‘connection failed’’. Of course, Satori was turned ON

  2. Better ASUS laptop with BLE integrated, manage to get them in status Paired’’, but when I try to add ‘‘Roller’’ in Zwift program just can’t find it.

What is the problem? Is it even possible to connect it like this? Or I must buy ANT+USB from Tacx? I am trying to save some euro if it is possible and don’t understand what is the issue with this?

Thanks in advance,


For bluetooth support on windows you need to grab our companion app on your Android or IOS device from the app store, called “Zwift Mobile Link”.   When you run the zwift game and the mobile link at the same time it will use your phone to pair to bluetooth devices.

We do not support any 3rd party dongles, and windows bluetooth support for pairing to these devices is poor compared to Apple laptops or phones (where we do support direct pairing to bluetooth as you would expect).

Let us know if you have any troubles getting it to work.

Thanks for quick response!

Iphone 5 (5s is minimum) doesn’t support zwift application, so actually it would be easist to buy ANT+ from Tacx? That would solve all problems?

Or this one?

They both seems to work with Zwift.


EDIT - or is it possible to connect via Zwift Moble Link? 

My goal is to run Zwift on laptop, on bigger screen than mobile phone or tablet (I don’t have one).

Zwift Mobile Link will work just fine for bridging the Bluetooth to your PC, but you must make sure they are both on the same network.

Here is a link to Zwift’s online store for their ANT+ dongle and USB extension:


I am not sure did I get you correct?

I am doing everything OK, just have to turn Zwift Mobile Link application on while connecting Tacx bluetoooth signal to PC Bluetooth signal and Zwift on PC?

And that should finally work?



Yes, using the ZML to bridge the Bluetooth signal will work fine.

The link I posted was for a different option if you still wanted to use ANT+ to connect your trainer to your PC. BTW, I have had better luck with using a ANT+ dongle and a USB extension over the ZML for connect the trainer to the PC.



mein Surface WIN 10 verbindet sich über Mobil Link mit Zwift. Er findet den Trainer Elite Digital Smart B +. Leider bekomme ich keine Watt in Swift angezeigt.

Was ist da los? Der Trainer ist ein interaktiver Smart Trainer. Die Verbindung erfplgt mit Bluetooth !!

Gruß Nils


I am still having problems with connection :frowning:

What should I do in ZML? I started it, but I don’t see where or how could I select any of devices for bluetooth connection, neither PC or Satori?


Hi, finally gave up on that combination, bought ANT+ USB from TACX and it works great! 

Thanks for helping to sort this out!