blue bar and blue checkered flag

What is the blue progress bar at the bottom of the top center HUD? I’ve seen screenshots from races where that is a lap count, but it appears for me when not racing.

It’s the progress toward the next level. There are currently 25 level within Zwift, when leveling up you receive kits, bikes, or wheels as a bonus.

I thought that’s what the orange bar was?

Were you doing the 100km challenge for this month riding the big wheel for charity? I think that might be what you are referring to.

Do you have a screen shot.

I’m currently doing the Everest challenge. My initial guess was that the blue bar was measuring challenge progress, but I could not confirm that either in the game or in an online search. Hence my question… I just wanted to know what the blue bar was measuring I don’t have a screenshot on this specific computer but do have them elsewhere and/or can generate another one.

In my experience the blue bar will only appear if you have chosen 1 of the preset courses, so in London choosing PRL Half for instance or on Watopia choosing The Pretzel, it gives you an indication as to how far you have to go before you have completed it.  If you chose London Classique or Watopia Flat Route for instance it would not appear.

It seems to show up on the courses, but what is it measuring? I did the PRL full 3 times, and filled the blue bar maybe 1/4 of the way. Is the full PRL like 20 times around?

Hi Peter, 

The PRL Full is:

PRL FULL (11 loops + finish) 173km (107.5 miles) 2496m elevation gain (8189’)