Blood Sugar

It would be great if you could integrate a persons blood sugar on the screen, connect to your CGM?

Hi @Beachbomb, welcome to the forums. I’m curious, what would you expect your blood glucose to do during a Zwift ride? I’ve seen some data that suggests blood glucose can increase during high intensity workouts. I would also imagine that a very small number of Zwifters even have a CGM, so the likelihood that Zwift will implement connectivity on screen must be very low.


CGMs are (expansive) medical devices, access to which is reserved to diabetes patients … no chance Zwift will get their hand in such.

Also, AFIAK, CGMs use propriety protocols, and none that I am aware of are ANT+ compatible (though there are hacks…)


I think a more generalized request might be to allow the display of and recording of arbitrary data channels, so it could be a temperature probe, for example, or IRL tire pressure, or whatever. I know ANT+ has specific defined data channels but I don’t know about how BTLE works.

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Up front note: I am a diabetic (T2, controlled w/ Diet & exercise) and have a LOT of T1 diabetics (many of whom use CGM’s). GO RED RIDERS!

Although there are a lot of diabetes out there (34 million in the US according to recent stats), I suspect the number who use Zwift are relatively few. This would be an edge case that isn’t worth the investment in time & effort.

That said … there are a number of members of Team Novo Nordisk cycling team that use Zwift for training (including Phil Southerland, the CEO of TNN). All members of TNN have Type 1 diabetes and compete at professional levels.



I have a Dexcom G6 CGM (constant glucose monitor) and I think these are more common on Zwift than some of you think. Some because they are top tier fitness folk, of course many others who have Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), like me, and others with Type 2 Diabetes.
I have this as my #1 feature request. It at least as important in actively tracking your performance as heart rate monitoring.

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I have my CGM displayed on screen (overlayed on zwift) - its my own personal bit of software since I am Type 1 and its useful info to have - so I don’t die during a race.

It is not an easy solution for most because of the proprietary nature of things, but for many who already use some level of modified cgm / closed loop system it can be done.