BLE HR disconnects (+no more direct support?)

So, I’ve been away for a while. I have to admit my disappointment and frustration with Zwift increases by the day - and had I not invested so much sweat and time reaching the place I am (in terms of Zwift) - I would have terminated my account (which is still an option…) I am still suffering the usual issues Zwift is bestowing upon us (for those interested - just browse the forms; some issue I’ve brought up are three years ago are still here…), with some additions.

The latest issue (for the past two updates or so…) is HR BLE disconnect (and re-connect, and disconnects, etc…). Mind you - not a total disconnect, just HR BLE disconnect. My trainer, using the same BLE USB dongle, works without a hitch.

My system (Win10 based) is fully updated: latest everything. My network link is flawless (and the sky is clear.) I’ve also tested the HR connection with a third-party app on the same PC, only to experience ZERO issues. My system’s event log for the period in question is clean, showing nothing related. I’ve replaced my GARMIN HRM-Dual unit with Polar H7 - same issue (did I mention I made sure the sensor’s batteries are new and full?)

I have also experimented with BLE via the companion, only to experience similar disconnects.

I think I also gave ANT+ a try - also to experience similar disconnects (only using the GARMIN HRM - the H7 is BLE only.)

Its been recommended I re-install Zwift. I always found this “workaround” to be non-tecnical in nature, and I do not believe in magic.

Also, apparently, Zwift no longer provides direct support: mailing support, although I did indicated I am not interested in anything but their support department, I was contacted by an “ambassador”. As much as I appreciate peer help (why would I bring it here unless I did…), it soon became obvious Zwift does not provide it’s ambassadors with the information I submit… and that the bottom line is “reinstall Zwift”.

Although I do appreciate the time and effort that individual put trying to help, I would have assumed Zwift would have made it clear this is not a “solution” or even an acceptable “workaround” (how about re-installing Windows? Moving to another computer altogether?)

Also, moving away from direct support model to pear-only is something all Zwift subscribers need to be aware of, and is of great concern to me as a paying client.


  1. Does anyone know how does one get in touch with Zwift support department directly?
  2. Any ideas wrt the HR disconnects? Similar events?

Ride on!

Hi @B_CN, I’m going to guess it has something to do with the dll files that Dave is referring to. This is way over my technical intelligence, maybe @Dave_ZPCMR can comment?

I will say that I don’t have any issues with ant+ dropouts on my Windows 10 system, but had numerous issues with bluetooth and don’t use it anymore. In fact, the system I put together strictly for Zwift doesn’t even have built in bluetooth or a dongle.

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All I meant by that is you can see from the launcher log files that the libraries dealing with ANT+ and Bluetooth have been updated. This isn’t unusual with a game release, but it almost always results in a bunch of people having new issues with connectivity. I don’t know why, but obviously the changes play a part.

Best thing to do is delete knowndevices.xml and pair from scratch, starting with Controllable and waiting to see what other elements pair themselves afterwards. I don’t use Bluetooth either.


Unfortunately, I haven’t seen @Dave_ZPCMR’s post in time to try anything (I don’t spend as much time on the forum as I used to…), but I should also point out my issues started prior to 1.16 update (maybe the previous version…)

I did - against my better judgment - uninstalled/re-installed Zwift (forgetting to remove the old “Documents\Zwift” folder…) In the short time since, there were two hiccups, but these do not register with me as disconnects (nor do they appear so in the logs.)

Whatever is going with Zwift 1B$ is anyone’s guess. But I think I wouldn’t be much off to guess testing and bug fixes are not very high on the list, nor does support. Apparently, some companies do get away with making their paying clients their testers.

FWIW here’s my log file from tonight on ANT+ via Zwiftalizer. HRM top, Neo 2T at the bottom.

This is absolutely normal for me, no difference at all since the update.

… and Zwiftalizer showed 0 dropped BLE connections for me (pervious version) - while it repeatedly dropped…