Blank snapshots on Win10 in full screen mode

(John Higginbotham) #1

When running Zwift on Windows 10 and in full screen mode, snapshots (whether taken on the pc using F10 or via the mobile link app come out blank, as in they’re completely black).

Change the setting to Windowed rather than full screen and snapshots work again.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi John,

Are you using more than one monitor?

(John Higginbotham) #3

Hi Eric,

The laptop is connected via HDMI to a TV, displaying same on both.

Snapshots were working OK with this setup in windowed mode, not since I changed to full screen. Changed it back to windowed mode last night trying to resolve this and it does work again.

Just tried full screen mode with DVI to additional monitor (extended desktop) and that works OK, so seems to be related to the HDMI connection to the TV? TV is an old 760p if that’s significant?