Black Squares Game [1.40] [1.41]

Not sure its fixed - I still had the flashing black squares after the update this morning… admittedly not for the whole ride so agree its not widespread.

It isn’t fixed - it’s due to be in the next update.


@James_Zwift is right. It’s not triggerd always. I also only encountered it a few minutes. Was still annoying, yes. But errors can happen and the Zwift Staff has a huge landscape of possible combinations to test. That can’t be done everytime imo.

They still humans after all, although they try hard to make everything look robotic (do you like the new look James? I miss blue translucent Coco :wink:)

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Had it in a race today (1.40.0). It flickers so much, couldn’t see attacks.

Thought at first it may have been a robopacer when I had it last week.
Then today it was on a single rider, every time they came on screen, the square followed them. Wondered if they had some strange character in their name when their name tag came on screen or something, but it actually looks like it comes from the rear light.



SYN ride just now - same thing one rider seemed to trigger it had blacked out rear light and he appeared to drag the flickering black box with him - he said he had no issues his end :person_shrugging:

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Short term fix for me was lowering my resolution in the Zwift display settings and the squares went away.

I am having this same issue, and know of at least one other person that is as well. I am using the Windows 10 desktop client with an RTX 3070 at the highest settings.

Any known workarounds for this, secondrace in a row ruined as cannot see what is happening?

As above, drop your resolution and see if that helps. Worked for another user.

Would imagine a fix for this is 7-10 days away.

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Happened to me also.
Since last update.
First time and during 15 minutes or so… of a 70 minute ride.
It came from nowhere and it disappeared 10-15 minutes later…

Just bumping for visibility

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I had this yesterday after updating to 1.40 (first Zwift ride since last week) and it was present almost the entire ride. Seemed to be caused by just a few certain frames with rear tail lights, if I rode off the front of the Maria group then it would stop. As soon as the person with that certain frame was back so were the black boxes.

One person said that it just magically stopped for them after their second ride on the new update without them making any changes?

There was some talk on my ride today about it being related to a specific kit (not sure how much truth there was in that)

I bet it’s not…shows up most for me when a large group ride is heading to a turn and you get the turn arrow icons. Heard about dust triggering it too…I think it’s just number of rendered items showing up. Since it doesn’t happen every ride (I was w/ Coco through dust and turns and didn’t get it today) someone probably just changed kits and then got hit and assumed it was related.

I was riding with Maria (decent sized group) on Waistband (contains dust) and didn’t see it.

same here, disappointing :rage:

@Chris_Lawrence_CWCC These pictures are exactly what was happening on my screen as well.

@James_Zwift When it was happening on my system, it could be lraced to the tail light of specific riders. The quares emerged from there and got bigger. As soon as passing the Rider, the black squares vanished. Maybe this helps identifying the issue.

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Thanks but it’s okay - We already have a fix written and QA’d for 1.41.

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Same here.
Yesterday, on Makuri island, on dust roads its full of black sqares covering almost whole screen. And rear lights also.

Thanks for hopping on it quick @James_Zwift :+1:t3::+1:t3: