Black Screen on Sgurr route

I did the City to Sgurr route today and each time I climbed the hill, my screen faded to black. Only the scenery faded out not the data on the sides of the screen. This happened in about the same place each time on the hill. This lasted for a few seconds and then everything was back to normal. I did two other events today and had no issues. I am using a PC (Surface). Has anyone else seen this.?

I had similar, nothing faded out but the screen colouring changed. Everything got noticeably more blue and then it changed back to normal shades a short while later. Happening close to the top of the climb. I’m on AppleTV.

I’m pretty certain we know about James’ point but asking if we think it might be the cause for Scott.

Happened to me last night on the ride Scotland ride, city and sugrr route. Just near the top where gravel/rock meets the tarmac. Then a second spot about half way up on rock surface part of a switchback (before leveling a bit efore the short steepest bump of gravel climb). Both directions. Samsung Windows 10 still on old zwift Home Screen.

It happened for me too multiple times. I’m on a PC.

Somewhere around the rider position show in map is where the road surface switches between tarmac and gravel/dirt.

Happened again today.

Just switched the zwift app to 1yr old Mac air book that use for everything else. So hopefully that should fix a lot issues I was having with windows 10 recently. Will need to test the screen blacking out at spots on the gravel climb now on the new laptop, but it may be while before I get to it.

Same problem here in the two times I’ve ridden in Scotland. Image slowly fades from bright to completely black, then when it gets ocmpletely black it comes back to full colour. This screengrab is in the middle of a sunny day, not evening / night.

I’m on an older Mac Mini.

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I wonder if that is supposed to be ther Northern Lights. I can’t add any links but just google it. Here is a screenshot from an article on dcrainmaker.

I think it is supposed to become night, but when it hits 0, it switches to full brightness instantly, like -1 to get to 255. Obviously no Northern Lights to be seen at 255 daylight. Then when day breaks, it instantly switches to full night again and gradually brightens again.