Black dogma......

Just got my dogma but would like to change the colour to black as team sky bikes are,but no option for black on slider bar…Any chance you can add black as an option please?

What you received is a special edition 250k celebration Dogma. At some point you’ll be able to earn other paint jobs for the Dogma as well as the Pinarello F8 and one will be black with white logos.

Cool.Bike looks great by the way.But one question,will it make me go faster?:slight_smile:

Jeff, more importantly, it will make you FEEL faster. That’s pretty much the same thing.

I’m looking forward to riding mine tonight. I had the email notificatiohn come though that I was involve in the 250k :smiley:

I picked mine up and rode it 10 feet this morning. Adjusted the color slider to a nice eye piercing Y_E_L_L_O_W. Will be doing some ride testing tonight around 7PM EST.