Missing paint scheme?

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #1

On someone else’s screenshot of the “User Customisation” screen I saw they have a Paint Scheme select box for the Pinarello Dogma 65.1.

They said “There’s an exclusive and a beta paint sc
heme. I’ve had it for a while… thought everyone had it.”

I’ve got the other beta stuff (jersey, shoes etc.) but I don’t have any paint schemes for the Dogma. 

Should I have them? Have you got them?

(Scott) #2

Hi Daren - I just created a support ticket for you as you should have all the beta goodies. 

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #3

Thanks Scott.

(Lee Springett KiSS (D)) #4

Hi, same for me. Had it, then after go live day it has dissaapeared despite being beta user.



(Lindsay Ruppert) #5

Hi, guys.

The exclusive paint scheme for the Dogma 65.1 was awarded to beta users who logged in and received the frame when we initially debuted it, back in March. Beta users who signed up after that point received the Dogma in the beta paint scheme when we went live.

L Springett, do you mean you had the orange Dogma and afterwards it became the grey Dogma, or do you mean you lost that frame completely?