Black boxes on screen

Anyone getting this black boxes during ride and know a fix? Asking for my friend, i haven’t seen this on my pc, whether it was on my 1st gen i5 with Radeon RX470 4gb GPU or 10th gen i5 now.

his set up:
GTX 1060 3GB
i5 7400 3GHz
16G DDR4
HDisk 240GB
windows 10


Hi @Nadia_Asari_TeamZF

that look like a GRU driver issue. Uninstall the GPU drivers and re install.

A fresh install of Zwift may also be needed.

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Gerrie! long time no see.
Thanks will ask him to do the driver reinstall.

Zwift reinstall already done, worth doing again after the gpu driver reinstall?

I don’t think you need to reinstall Zwift if you already did it.

Let us know if the gpu driver worked.

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