Black boxes at Cipressa [Game version 1.59.0] [OS Windows 10, Intel(R) HD Graphics 520]

Looks like other riders have laptops on their back rack.
Only visible on first person view.
Bug is that I’m not having laptop :sweat_smile:
Zwift version 1.59

Hi @Tom_Perttala Thanks for sharing your issue with the graphics on this space. This is Juan from Zwift. This is definitely not the way the other riders should look like on the first-person view.

After taking a closer look at your account, I confirmed that you are running Zwift the game version 1.59.0. I’d like to suggest you to update it to the latest one, which was launching on March 5. Please check this article to learn more about it.

If the issue persists, please help us with a little more information at For instance, Do you experience this only at Cipressa? The more information you share, the better we can help you. We will be happy to provide you with personalized assistance.

Now the new 1.60 version was available for me too but it did not resolve the black box issue.
Now after the Zwift Games Stage 2 I headed to Watopia’s climb portal and same thing.
Is there some details you want from my setup?
I’m running Zwift at pretty old (~7 years) Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (MS SP4 LT i5-6300U/4GB/128SSD/5155)

I just realized that those black boxes are probably the difficulty indicators.
In list “Zwifters Nearby” the same icon is just white box.

I did the climb portal a few days ago on 1.60 and didn’t have these issues with black boxes or white boxes in the nearby list. Maybe you have a corrupt file or need to update graphics drivers?