Black/blank activity photo after completing activity

I have been using Zwift without any issues for around 3 years.
For no reason I can think of, around 3 months ago the activity photos that are automatically displayed after my activity appeared just as a black screen. The same occurs if I take photos furring an activity using the Zwift Companion app.

The set up I run is as follows:
• Zwift app being run on Samsung Android S10
• Phone connected to Wahoo Kickr gen. 3 & Polar hrm
• Phone connected to TV using Google Chromecast

I have been running this set up for approx 9 months so it was fine for 6 months until the black screen issue started occurring 3 months ago.

I have tried substituting the Android phone with an iPhone and connected to the TV using a VGA cable. This is a clunky way of doing it, additional leads trailing around and the reception isn’t as crisp. However, the black screen issue doesn’t occur when I connect this way.

So, it seems that the issue is either the Android phone or the Chromecast. All software is up to date.

Can anyone please help to problem solve what the issue could be?

Thanks in advance,