Billing twice a month?

I joined today(5/1) and it says my next billing is 5/7. Does this mean Iam getting charged a prorate until the 7th? I am just hoping I am not getting billed $14.99 twice during May

Hi @Rodean_Janus_Rana welcome to Zwift forums, and thanks for subscribing!

We have a free trial period for brand-new members, and our FAQ details how it works. In your case, the 7 day free trial period ends May 6. After that, your paid membership cycle will begin.

Hi, I have the same concern as I’ve just signed up for the 25-km trial offer 2 days ago (2nd May), and opted to officially subscribe today (4th May) by entering my payment information, since I’ve already used up the 25-km free trial offer.

Upon checking my subscription status, how come it says the same amount will be applied on May 11th?

I just want to initially subscribe for 30 days, and doesn’t want to be charged twice in a month; so what’s the best time to stop the renewal without being charged for another $14.99?

Thanks and more power!

Your first bill cycle starts on May 11. Please check your Paypal statement. You should not see a charge before then.

Awesome, thanks much!