New to Zwift and Turbo Training…

I’ve completed my free trial and registered for the monthly fee, calibrated and re calibrated my turbo but can’t get past 5-7 kph on Zwift.

Any advice would be great?

Hi Darren,
try to provide as much as possible details about your setup (trainer model etc), this way it will be easier to help you.

Tacx Vortex.
Seems to be an issue with going Uphill, I select the hardest gear on the bike and pedal as hard as possible. Wattage goes no higher than 50 and I can get to 7kph max.

Hi Darren, welcome to the Zwift Forum.

It is hard to judge how much power you should be able to develop. It depend on you fitness and leg power.

Hills are hard and the heavier you are the harder they get, trust me.

Make sure your trainer is properly setup, your wheel should not slip on the roller. If your trainer has a spin down calibration option then do that.

What cadence are you doing when you are on the hill at 50w? try changing gears to get to 70-90rpm.