Bike recorded on Strava

It would be good to have a separate bike listed on Zwift so when auto-write at end of session the right bike is recorded on Strava. Many of us use a different bike on our trainers.


Same situation here.  I have a dedicated bike on the trainer (old road bike) and it is somewhat useful to track component life on Strava, but I need to remember to edit my ride upload to select the correct bike.  I’m not sure if the Strava API enables you to get the list of bikes and set a default in Zwift, but that would be great.

Same need here. Many of us have several bikes (I have city, mbt, road, and road on the trainer). It would be great to be able to automatically link all Zwift rides to certain bike in Strava. 

Same problem but I think I have a work-around.  It appears that Strava uses the first bike listed in your gear sorted alphanumerically ascending.  So I put a 1., 2., 3., etc. in front of my bikes to order them as I wanted.  The bike with the 1. is being used when Zwift pushes a ride over to Strava as I expected.  For now, I’m happy with this solution if it continues to work as expected. 

I use to mark all my commutes and set my default commuter bike too.  Is there something similar for zwift rides?