Getting Strava to automatically mark rides with a certain bike?

Is there a way to get Strava to automatically mark Zwift rides with a certain bike, and then have Strava mark real world rides with a another bike? I have a separate bike for each, and would like to keep track of the miles separately. I also wish to separately monitor the wear on the components and chain waxing intervals. My current work around is to default all my rides to a certain bike and when I do an outside ride, I have to manually change it. This is becoming tedious. can do this I expect.

You can set it to change gear based on certain criteria.






…and then use (Maintenance tracker add on for Strava) to remind you of when to perform service and to track what you did.


it takes like 2 seconds to select which bike you did the ride on after completing an activity xD

Why do something manually all the time when you can automate it? I ride frequently. Looks like activity fix will do the trick.


I like activity fix, I use it to put my lifetime stats in the description as well as a monthly summary of all activities in the second line

Screenshot 2022-06-03 184243

They really should add this feature. I ride both indoors and outdoors. I will forget to update the bike every now and then.

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Hi @bogardon

Try this:

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