Bike jumping around like crazy

(sam bishop) #1

I had this problem before, but seems to be worse after I got an update today.Everything will be going along great, then suddenly I’m going sideways, into the trees, back at a 45 degree angle for about ten seconds, then it’s back to normal. It used to just be me, but now I can watch other riders do the same thing. It is entertaining, but likely not what is intended. What gives?
It seemed to happen every lap not long after the climb & right before the (I think) green jersey flag.

(Christopher Pallotta) #2

I believe I read in other posts here that that’s caused by a poor connection to the server likely due to a poor/slow internet connection. I’ve never had the problem, so I don’t have any first-hand experience. I will say that I have fast internet speeds and strong wifi signals.

(sam bishop) #3

Thanks. That makes some sense. My wifi isn’t the strongest even though my internet is plenty fast. It is odd that it happens in the same spot every lap if it’s bad wifi, though.