My wife got me a Virb for Christmas and I was testing it out while riding on Zwift and just happened to catch some weirdness. The lighting is bad, and the camera isn’t directed at the TV since I wasn’t planning to record Zwift, but you can still see some of it.

Here is the unlisted YouTube link:

There is a rider coming up behind me and his banner is jumping back and forth erratically on the screen. Then at :11 he is beside me but then at :14 he disappears and is behind me again. Then at :17 he is on the other side of me. At :22-:23 he slams on his brakes apparently. Then rides off the road and disappears. Then at :45 he zips by me really fast and rides off the road to the right but then just appears right beside me. Later he rides off on the left side of the road.

My ride was perfect, but this guy looks like his was having problems (although maybe on his screen it looked like I was jumping around).

The reason the camera is bobbling back and forth is I’m on rollers.

Clint, wow, thanks! A video is worth 10,000 words. We’ve seen this once or twice before too and I suspect a poor internet connection on the part of the other rider is to blame, but it’s great to have a video of it. We’ll be evolving how we handle poor connections soon, so hopefully this becomes even more of a rare occurrence.