Bike cleaning

Any suggestions on if/when to clean and lube a bike that spends most of its time on trainer?

I tend to knock the cobwebs off the front wheel every now and then; and just lube the chain as and when it needs it.

Nearly got a pinch puncture on the front a while ago as I got out of the saddle for a sprint and the tyre hadn’t been pumped up for months…


I’d recommend also checking for chain stretch periodically, expensive if you dont catch it in time.

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I usually wipe off any sweat marks and when the drivetrain is looking dirty is time for a wash and lube.

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When it gets noisy and squeaks its time for some lube! Also a good idea to rotate the front tire a quarter turn every time you ride so the stress isn’t always on the same spot.

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One strange thing that happened to my rear wheel, is it got a slight torsion warp in it, from doing the “ZA workout #3: 20sec.Power Duration” where you’re doing two maximum sprints. The day after that workout I noticed the rear wheel rim was alternating rubbing the rear brakes, the wheel was spun-up from the sprints and, partly because of the wheel pressure, from an older “Kinetic Smart Trainer”. Easy fix, nothing broke, just needed to be trued and the spokes on the drive side were a bit loose. I didn’t bother to check it for true, nor the spoke tension, when I got the wheel set new (HED ardennes SL’s) as i figured they’d be fine coming from HED.
Never had that happen in a, rear wheel on bike trainer before, even back when I owned a “Computrainer” in the mid 2000’s…