Waxed Chain

Not a question, rather passing along my experience.
Instead of dry or wet lube on the trainer, I have been waxing my chain and it is awesome.
Simple mix of paraffin wax and paraffin oil in a cheap crocpot every 700+ miles has kept the chain quiet and drive train very clean.
Total actual time doing work is less than 5 mins.
I found a few good vids on youtube that explain it (don’t follow GCN’s, using only wax creates a hard coating that just cracks and flakes off/out).
That is all - RIDE ON! :+1:

Thanks for the Info, I am guilty of not cleaning my trainer bike often enough.

Can you share a link to the youtube vid that helped you the most.

Friction Facts Chain Lube Formula


OZ Cylce - he also has a relaxing vid

that is great info - i don’t have the time or the equipment to do all the fancy measuring of temps, but I basically follow OZ’s vid and have had great success.
Super quiet for many many miles without having to even take a rag to the chain, cassette, or chainrings and everything stays clean.

I like to use 0w-30 motor oil. I put a liberal amount on just before the ride and let it splatter everywhere within a 10 ft radius over the next hour. :rofl:

Seriously though: https://www.premierbike.com/products/premier-ultra-glide-chain-lubrication

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