Remind me when to lubricate the chain

You track my mileage.  How about reminding me to lubricate the chain at the recommended interval?  You might even offer a standard (like every 50 miles) and allow the rider to adjust the value.  Then display a reminder at the end of the ride that passes that distance and again before initiating a ride until I reset the reminder.

That reminds me, I should clean and re-lube my chain.

Thank you.

Dependant on the workout I have depends on how much sweat drips onto my drive train and therefore the intervals between needing to lubricate the chain changes dramatically.  

I rely on the noise of the chain reminding me it needs lubing which sounds like birds tweeting which is great until you get into Surrey Hills and think that your chain has gone dry instantly owing to actual birds tweeting.

I already see this when I log in and can you not work it out for yourself?

Wow, 3 dislikes? They actually already do this as I noticed when I first launched the app.  But it appears in a way that is easy to overlook.  It would be nice to have this in a more noticeable location and with a parameter in the user settings for how often to lube.  Yes, you can hear a dry chain.  On the other hand, many other devices alert you when to do maintenance.  And since you can’t monitor the odometer on your bike on the trainer because it doesn’t register any mileage, it makes sense that the app track your time/mileage to substitute.

David - here’s your reminder to lubricate your chain :slight_smile: