Bike maintenance on trainer

As someone who hasn’t done many miles on a trainer prior to lockdown, any tips on bike maintenance issues I should be especially careful/watch out for? FWIW I have my Tri bike on an old mechanical trainer and do have my fairly nice rear wheel on as I don’t have another (except a mediocre on my road bike and slight differences in group-set)… Thx!!!

Avoid sweat hitting the bike it all leads to rust somewhere (bottom bracket, bolts etc). Use fans to help cool you, towels to cover handlebars and stem, use sweat band/hat/gloves to soak it up before it drops off you.

Get that nice tyre off, buy a trainer one or a really cheap tyre, or use an old one that’s worn out. I delaminated a nice $100 tyre because I was too lazy, not fun. Also worn through a few standard tyres before that (big flat strip). Probably not a big deal if you don’t do big watts and lots of rides though.

Make sure u clean the chain and lube it (it’s easy to forget when it’s on the trainer) but don’t put heaps on and then ride you’ll end up with oil all over your floor/rug like I did :persevere: so make sure you wipe excess off and put a rag under it.