Bigger screen needed

Hi. Im currently running a 24" flat screen monitor hooked up to my pc and the picure is great. Im looking at upgrading to a 43" tv. Im only going to be about 3’ away. Do you think this is too close? Im looking to get a bit more subversive but I also dont want to be too close that it makes me feel queezy.
I dont have a lot of space so its pretty much a fixed distance from my head to the screen.
Im also after recommendations if anyone has any based on quality,screen lag etc and ideally around the £250-£400 mark

Think you’ll be fine. I’ve heard of several other people using similar sized setups.

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Depends on your PC specs as to what to go for. I’d recommend a cheap 40in 1080p TV (loads kicking about on local selling groups) and run the game in 1440p. A 4K TV will ideally want the game running in 4K, and driving that at 60fps is far more demanding on the GPU side than 1440p. Bear in mind that when it’s busy*, the CPU holds any GPU back in Zwift.

*And Makuri Islands all the time for no apparent reason.

My pc isnt too bad I think. 16gb memory with a Nvideo gforce gtx 960. Im no expert but it runs fine at the moment. Would that be ok for a bigger tv? Do i have to worry about lag etc?

A GTX 960 is ideal for running the game in 1440p resolution, so like I said I’d recommend a 1080p TV (yes, you run the game on a higher setting than the physical resolution of the display). Loads around, people are giving them away.

Not sure what you’re referring to regarding lag. You’ll be using the TV as a 60Hz monitor. Whether your PC can hold 60fps for the smoothest experience depends completely on the circumstances of the ride.

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Would a tv with 50hz be capable?

Yes, but they don’t really exist. :wink: 50Hz is a compatibility mode, virtually all TVs stating 50Hz are actually 60Hz panels.

Thanks for the advice Dave. Ive been and got a 42" full hd and set it up and its running a treat. Thanks again. Just need to get a decent bracket now.