Big Plus / Powerups

(Craig Pate) #1

Since I’ve started, I’ve never used any of the powerups until today. From reading a bit on this from other riders, do we need to clear our earned PU’s to gain others? Today was the first time I hit the spacebar climbing a hill, just to see the difference. When I pass the start line at the beginning of each ride, I get about 15 or so icons. Should I be dumping those? Do you just keep accumulating them? Thanks.

(Brian Hill) #2

I believe you only ‘get’ the one that it ends on… it’s flashing through all the choices until it settles… then you get that one. I believe if you’re in the middle of using a power-up, and you go under a spot on the course that will give you another - it will queue up the next one in a small circle to the right of the bigger circle in the UI. I haven’t seen any other way to have more than 2 in your possession at one time.

(Craig Pate) #3

So like a slot machine of sorts. That makes sense. Next ride I’ll pay some added attention to this. Thanks.

(Casey Schumm [X]) #4

Slot Machine - Correct. Also Brian is correct. The only way to have 2 is have one in use while going under a banner. As long as you start using one before passing under the banner you will earn another. You get them at all 3 banners (red, green, orange). If you don’t use what you have you don’t earn more.