Be able to save multiple power-ups

I think it would be interesting if one could keep more than one (two?) power-ups and be able to select which one to use. One could e.g. use two in a row for an attack to go in a breakaway or save two power-ups for the last lap and use them tactically. Maybe there should be a limitation so you can only have one type of power-up in the “bank” to make the effect less powerful.

An idea I think would be fun would be a single use gamble where if you don’t like what you’ve got, you can opt to spin for something else. With nothing at all being a possible outcome. Would add an extra risk/reward element to racing.

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So since ALL posts got deleted.
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I think if you still have a powerup in store, and go past a powerup banner, it should give you some additional EXP

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Additional XP is useless since i have been level 50 for 1,5 years now.

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Did you ever notice when you ride, there are loads of others riders?
Did you ever notice you aren’t the only one?

That being said, I won’t comment more.

Ride on!

I think it’s great to save up Power-ups. I am spending quite a lot of time on Zwift so if i can save them all for later i can win a race with no effort at all ! More power-ups + less effort = win-win !