Big heads - bug or feature | Aprilsfool

Had my most frustrating ride today, as I spend most time looking inside big empty heads.

Don’t ride events so often, but this destroyed every feeling of relaxation for me.

Normally my avatar dogde other riders, but today was a constant in and out of heads.

So if thta’s the new normal, events are out of the question for me. Watoopia has much prettier views…


My Avatar in fact all riders have big heads now for me today also. I hate it! I hope this is a bug and not the new normal because it is just awful.

It’s for April Fools day, Zwift does something every year. 

In that case, now I love it! Thanks for letting me know. Perhaps next year they can turn the avatars into monsters or aliens or something!

They also do something for Halloween so maybe we will see that.

doesnt zwift know that racers dont have a sense of humor!!!??  Theyre messing with my workout and this isnt the zwift i pay ti rise - noit happy

I’m not amused.  I’m supposed to do a long ride today and now I’m not looking forward to it.  We should have the option to turn this off if we want.

Lighten up it’s a joke.

Me thinks a few of us have forgotten that Zwift in its purest form is a video game.

Let’s see would you complainers rather look at a blank wall or big heads while training?

The problem is that not all of us live in places where internet connections are (a) relatively cheap and (b) reliable. I live in Papua New Guinea, where the internet connection is anything but. I nursed my computer through the update on Friday night over a very slow connection, expecting it was something important. When I found out it was simply an April Fool’s prank giving us all big heads I was not impressed. I was doubly unimpressed when the following day I couldn’t load the update to undo the change, because the internet in my area became very patchy, and I ran out of credit during the upload, and the credit card site to process my account top-up also crashed. No Zwift for me yesterday. Hopefully the internet will be back up today. If Zwift are going to do prank/surprise updates, they should at least give us an option to opt out so that we can choose to undertake essential updates and make other ones a second priority. PS I have been told that I have a sense of humour, but I’m not so sure… 


The update was much more than the bobble heads:

Hi Paul. That is good to know. At least the two days of internet pain may be worth it!

get your heads out of your aS#. people. it was a one day thing. it was well done and thoughtful . i was hoping it would stay around for a while . just relax and ride on . the people over at swift do a good job.    more bobble heads pls

I liked it.  I wasn’t feeling well on April 1 and somehow my swollen headed avatar made me feel better.  I sent some screen captures to a friend and he asked if it was a swollen ego…more mirth.   Thanks Zwift.

It’s horrible- I don’t subscribe to Zwift for a lame attempt at humor.  Stick to making things more realistic, not less.

If my legs weren’t so tired from a real world ride today I would have really enjoyed potting  more squirrels with newspapers…“Ride On” Zwift programmers!

I laughed so hard I almost popped the mesh on my double hernia, but I can understand why some Zwifters might be upset with the attempt at humor.  Perhaps a disable option would be in order for future pranks.