Best smart trainer for Apple TV app?

(David Thomas) #1

I need to replace my CycleOps as it does not work (resistance) with the ATV 4K app. Looking for suggestions on the BEST Smart Trainer to use with the ATV app.?? Kicker, Tacx, Elite??
Prefer not to do the Ant+ conversion any longer.

(James Blake) #2

My wife and and I have been using an original kickr for the last couple of years. I haven’t had any issues with this setup (Apple 4K). I always kill off the app after I end a ride. Double click home button and up swipe on Zwift app.

(Aaron Zwanzig) #3

I use a kickr gen1 with atv 4k. I have consistently good results when i pair it directly through the apple tv. My results are inconsistent when pairing through the companion app.

(Godmother Fox) #4

Kickr 2018 here … ZERO problems to connect it via iOS (iPad) Companion app to Apple Tv …
Direct connection Kickr->AppleTV worked well, too … (without cadence sensor)

(Chris McRob (Bingham. NY)) #5

Zero problems with Elite Direto and AppleTV 4K

(T ALI) #6

If you want to avoid ant+ conversion, then avoid the KICKR unless you don’t care about heart rate or cadence. Otherwise, any trainer with cadence measurement built in should work just fine.

This might help:

(David Thomas) #7

Thanks. Great info and I now know I’ll need to connect heart via the Zwift Companion app.
I believe I can get power/resistance and cadence from the Kickr. Speed from Zwift.
SOmeone should make this easier. Thanks again

(David Thomas) #8

thanks for the help

(David Thomas) #9

thanks for the feedback

(Aaron Zwanzig) #10

With the Kickr you will get power/resistence but not cadence… you will need an independent cadence sensor. If you are pairing directly through the Apple TV you can pair 2 devices (the Kickr plus one more) before you are forced to use the companion app for additional devices.

I use a Kickr Gen1 along with Wahoo cadence sensor and heart rate sensor with the Apple TV. I pair the Kickr and cadence sensor through the Apple TV and the heart rate sensor through the companion app on an android device. Getting that 3rd sensor to pair to the companion app can be challenging, but is doable. I’ve worked out a procedure that I have had consistently good results with. I don’t know if the Kickr is the BEST trainer to use with the Apple TV, but it is working out well for me.