Best projector

Hi im looking to set up using a projector, any advice on best make model etc ?


That’s a big question, because there is a huge range of price points. You can find projectors for USD$100, and up to thousands of dollars.

Key factors:
-How big is the room you’re using? In particular, how far will the projector be from the surface you’re projecting on, and how wide of a space are you trying to project into? Cheaper projectors typically will have a limited range before the image gets washed out, and a limited width.
-How dark/light is the room you’re using? Cheaper projectors again will not be as bright as more expensive ones.
-Are you going to use it for sound too, or just for video?
-Will you use it for movie/TV watching as well, or will it be dedicated for your pain cave? (This will possible make inputs more important–if it’s a dedicated projector, you just need the one input you’ll be using. Others have wifi capability (play from a device on your network), or direct streaming from services, etc.

I’ve had the model below since Christmas and have had zero complaints. Quite inexpensive for the picture it gives. I’m in a room with one window that I block with a piece of cardboard and the screen, so fairly dark.

Here’s a pic of the image it gives me: that’s a 100" wide screen, and the projector is ~12’ away from the screen. (Have been considering mounting it on the ceiling to avoid head shadows, but haven’t done that yet.)

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These look excellent.

I have a 55" Hisense TV (at about AUD$895 back few years ago) wall mounted and permanently connected to a computer that runs Zwift.

I looked at projectors back then and they were all too expensive. As the image above shows, this really improves the experience of Zwift compared to looking at a little computer screen.

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Hi Tom , great reply much appreciated.

It going in my Garage which can be totaly black. Similar size to what you posted.
Im looking at pull down screen and ceiling mounted projector.

I have no price limit really but i have in my head £500 gbp in mind :grinning: ( dont tell the Mrs)

Yours looks so clear thats amazing.

Thanks again


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