Best platform for resolution on a TV?

I’m trying to decide if (for Zwift): (a) i buy a new appleTV 5 for use with the new app, (b) I buy a compact PC with a graphics card or © keep using my ipad with an hdmi output cord. I want to connect them with a 40" Samsung TV that sits in front of my bike. Which option will give me really good resolution (1st priority) at most efficient price? The ipad solution is ok but resolution and color aren’t great.

The AppleTV 4K will run Zwift in 1080p when it eventually gets released and at £180 it’s a very cost effective option.

As you’ll have noticed Zwift on iPad is 4:3 which means black bars at the side of a 16:9 TV.

A PC with graphics card will indeed give the best output but that depends on what PC and what graphics card. Personally I would recommend GTX1050 or better to get the highest settings in 1080p

It depends what resolution your TV is. Zwift relies mostly on the videocard so that is where to spend your money. Check for benchmarks all many setups so you can see what is required for Zwift at a given resolution and setting.