Best Device to use for Zwifting

I have an HP Laptop with Ryzen 5 and Radeon Vega, which crashes every time I launch Watopia., Anyone had that issue?

I have a Zwift Hub One and just ordered a Samsung Tab S9, would they work together?

If I find a solution for the laptop, ideally id save the tablet money,… since I only bought it for zwift

Is it overheating?

Is it worth getting a fresh install of Windows on that machine?

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IT doesnt overheat, maybe re installing could work, dont really want to spend the 500 euros or more of a new tablet.

Problem is also that the bluetooth is fucked an even the mouse disconnects all the time. oh man, this hobby is expensive

You mean the laptop crashes or Zwift crashes? It’s possible this is a video driver problem, but in that case a Zwift application crash is a bit more common than the laptop dying. The latter can also be due to hardware problems such as bad memory or a poorly mounted heat sink. Stress testing the laptop with memory testing and benchmarking utilities might reveal if that’s the case. And if you haven’t turned off the video screenshots setting in Zwift that might be worth trying as well.

The Samsung tablet will work fine, but that laptop sounds decent and should perform better than the tablet.

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Right? I mean its only 4 years old and was quite decent, not top notch but OK, and it runs basic games like Age of Empires very decently.

I will try again by turning off the videos and all that… may be worth a try. Samsung tablet sounds great etc, but if not super needed, id rather save the money.

Give it a clean install of windows and video drivers, that might be enough to get it going again.

Then put Zwift on after that and just see what happens. Maybe something is conflicting and causing crashes.

Step by step elimination to find the cause.

AppleTV4k is the best bang for your buck. It costs $129 and it works great with very good graphics and frame rate. It is what I use and I love it.

You’re getting 1080p at 30fps, but most importantly the basic graphics profile. So you’re seeing the bare minimum amount of scenery and no rider shadows.

I’m not going to get into the whole Apple TV vs PC debate, but you can spend a similar amount on a used pc and graphics card which will result in a better experience.


Unfortunately the graphics are fairly ordinary.but the device is simple and fast operating.

I’m using an old Mac Pro from 2010 with an upgrade to a 6 core Xeon X5690 and a Radeon RX6600XT flashed so it is compatible with the Mac. I also run opencore so this machine runs Monterey 12.7.4. It is very stable and didn’t cost much. The graphics are 4K ultra as well. It can run windows on another SSD but I haven’t set that up so far.

I also use Ant+ so that’s a big benefit to a dedicated computer.

A PC for $120?

I said bang for your buck. Not better or best.

Yes, you can given prices here in the UK at the moment.
I recently saw a suitable secondhand office PC sell for £25 on eBay and used graphics cards are very cheap at the moment.
PC - £25
Graphics Card - £75 (
WiFi dongle - £15 (Amazon)
Bluetooth dongle - £14 (Amazon)
Total - £129.

The best price I can find for an Apple TV box here is £149.

How about for a secondhand Apple TV, given that you’re comparing with a secondhand PC?

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That’s fair enough. I’d see secondhand Apple TV 5th gen boxes sell for around £70 on eBay. But the comment I was replying to was asking for a comparison with the cost of a new box.

No. Not a TV. The AppleTV4k box.


The other advantage to the AppleTV box is that it boots up in seconds. It updates automatically. I use the Companion app to bluetooth bridge the trainer and HR monitor. I know. It doesn’t have a rider shadow and as many details like as many bushes and giant squirrels all over the place but it’s super easy to just plug it in and it works. You guys trying to turn this into an Xbox Series X game are hysterical. It’s not a bike simulator. It’s an app to get in shape for real life. I’ve been using the same AppleTV box for 2 years and there has been zero technical issues. I get on the bike, turn it on and I’m connected and riding in less than 1 minute.

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The only other thing I dislike is when the Apple TV doesn’t work properly on Zwift, I had lost rides because of it. Thats why I went over to an old second hand desktop Mac (it was originally got for something else). You can find the ride in progress and manual upload it if needed.

I still have Apple TV 4K here but rarely use it. Years ago I also got burned by the inverted gradient resistance bug on Apple TV version of Zwift. Fortunately I had an iPad that could be used for Zwift (no desktop at the time).