Returning to Zwift from Trainer Road. Apple TV or Mini PC?

I’ve been on TR for a year but decided I’d like to return to Zwift in 2024. I’ve got an Apple TV that I ran Zwift on in 2022, but my wife wants to keep it on the living room. So I can either buy a 2nd one for my cave, or a mini pc/desktop around that similar price range. What would be your recommendation?

does it have to be mini? you’ll get a much better set up and performance from a full size PC

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No, they just seem to be around that 2-300 price point.

Those cheap mini PCs won’t be better than Apple TV for running Zwift. I spent about US$250 to build a PC that runs Zwift well with the highest graphics profile. It’s an HP 280 MT G1 with an Intel i3-4170 that I sourced from eBay for $75. I added a used Nvidia 1050 Ti graphics card, and some new parts: a power supply, 16GB RAM, a 500GB SSD, a WiFi adapter, and a couple cables. It’s not a tiny PC, but something like that does pretty well.

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