Gaming PC or Mac Mini

Looking to upgrade from Apple TV and down to the following;

  1. M1 Mac Mini
  2. Gaming PC

The gaming pc is by no means new or latest and greatest but think it’s capable of Ultra 4K at high fps versus the Mac’s 1440. I can get both for the same price of $550.


PC Specs
Intel i7-6700
8GB of Corsair RAM
Gigabyte GTX1060 6GB
256GB of WD NVME Drive - OS Drive
1TB Hard Drive for Data
Asus 170AR Mobo
CX850 Corsair power supply in a Montech Case

I would ask @Dave_ZPCMR about this.

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The Mac Mini is a lot smaller. That aside it’s inferior for Zwift in every way imaginable.

Gaming PC no question, I think that GPU is enough, the PC spec certainly is

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The 1060 gets Ultra profile and is absolutely fine for running the game in 4K resolution at 60fps in most places, and the 6700 will do pretty well in group rides etc. It’s a solid build for Zwift, with no changes required. Although I’d probably sell the HDD.

The exception being Makuri Islands, where the requirements for 60fps are roughly a 3060 Ti and 12th gen Intel or Ryzen 5000 series (which is patently ludicrous).


Thanks for confirming and input.

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