Minix pc

(Kasper Johansen) #1

Hi, can this run zwift?

(Paul Allen) #2

I don’t think it would have a chance with that integrated graphics card. Apple TV which will be released soon or Andriod slated for the summer might be a better choice when it is released.

At the bottom of this link are the needed specs for a computer to run Zwift:

There is a chance that that mini computer could work at a minimum level now but in the future it probably will not. Don’t aim for the minimum computer requirements, you should be at least aiming for recommended.

(Kasper Johansen) #3

When using apple TV, what about the ANT+ sensors? Can Apple TV read them?

(Ron Kramer AGE:60) #4

My guess is no. They don’t mention graphics ram I recently move my trainer downstairs and was looking at these cheap options. None seemed to work for less than 500. I took a old cheap hp pc that was destined for the trash. Upgraded the ram from 2 to 4 gb. Then added a cheap mini 1gb graphics card. Total cost. 129.00. I installed win 7 64bit (10.00) and works great. I use my big screen in the downstairs. Machine only has win and zwift installed. Nothing else. Total. 139.

(Eric Schlange [ODZ]) #5

I installed Zwift on a Minix Neo and it worked, yes. Quality wasn’t great, but it worked! My guess is it was at the “basic” graphics quality with a framerate of 20 or so.

(Ron Kramer AGE:60) #6

cool is that the 97.00 model?  it has usb ports? you can plug in the ANT reader into the USB?  do you plug in a keyboard/mouse?