Best Apple TV configuration


(Rikki Furman) #21

Sorry, newbie at this…
I know I can run my laptop(Mac) via airplay with ant+ connection to Apple TV.

I thought now I could just download app on my iPhone and via bluetooth it would go directly to Apple TV,

Am I incorrect in that assumption?

(Aaron Zwanzig) #22

This is outside my expertise since I don’t use Apple devices besides the Apple TV, and that just for Zwift. But it makes sense that you could use your mac with ant+ and cast that to the Apple TV. You should be able to run Zwift on the iPhone and cast that to the Apple TV, but your trainer would need to pair to the iPhone using bluetooth. If the trainer is ant+ only then you would need a bridging device as discussed earlier.

(Rikki Furman) #23

I’m coming to think that’s the problem. It’s the CABLE, yes?

(Aaron Zwanzig) #24

Yes, the CABLE would work for your situation.

(Barbara Bird) #25

In email conversation with NPE, CABLE’s manufacturer, I was told they’ll be issuing an Android app in the spring. That’ll probably be my next year’s purchase for Zwifting.