Belt incline while running Zwift

Hi there!


I started running on Zwift. Great feature!

I use a LifeFitness T3, but with an older console, so connection only works via the Stryde Live footpod. In this way, I use the T3 as a regular treadmill for running in Zwift and it works fine.

My question is, at which incline should I place the T3 to have a realistic output of power when running? Is it 0%? Maybe 2.5%? Which is most accurate, comparing running ‘outside’?

Is running in, for instance, Watopia always flat?

Which basic incline do you suggest?

Thx, Dee


I was always told that you needed to run a treadmill at 1% to reflect real life - however when researching last week I found an article that said this wasn’t true.  Just run at 0% on the flat and then increment the treadmill up in line with the %age shown on the top right hand corner mini map. 

I just run mine to match what Zwift is showing on the screen. I have quick access buttons for incline so just punch whatever comes up on screen. 

When I used to just run I set it at 2% or ran the inbuilt programs that automatically vary it to match the video.