Running in competitive events -- incline

New to Zwift Run. My understanding is that whether you have a smart treadmill or not, you still must adjust the incline manually. Participating in a running event sounds fun. In competitive events do you just run on a zero incline or do the participants increase the incline during portions of the race?

Just curious how incline is used fairly (and if that’s possible) or if it’s even used at all?

I assume people keep it flat or perhaps 1% (which is probably a better representation of real effort level). I’ve been using 1% recently for the zwift academy runs. (Except a few places where the workouts specified a different value.)

I’m not really competing against others on zwift but trying to gauge my fitness against outdoor road running.

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At the minute Zwift does not allow for auto incline. It is possible if you read some of my other posts.

To be honest there isn’t that many running races on Zwift, there’s plenty of group runs and workouts.

Races are too easy to cheat on Zwift. You could just set your treadmill at sub 4 minute miles and not step on it for example.

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Thank you! Makes sense.