Tri Academy Running Race

Very quick question regarding this, obviously as part of the Academy we have to do a race, do we have to have the treadmill set at any thing specific, thinking more along the lines of incline, i also set mine at 1.5% to ‘simulate’ (loosely) the road. Is there are requirement to do this or is it up to you what you decide?


Same for me. I am usually running with 2 percent, unless doing hill reps.

I’m not sure how they would know what you have it set at so I’m not sure it matters. As a rule of thumb I set mine at 1% so that’s what I did for the race.

Cool thanks guys, thought I’d ask just incase I missed something

Common mistake is to run @1% to imitate the road. As Siri Lindley states. The road is the road. The track is the track. The treadmill is the treadmill. All are different and can’t be fully replicated by incline %

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