Running Races

Hi fellow Zwifters
I recently got a treadmill and I am eager to try out some Running Races on Zwift. I went to the Running events section and was very disappointed to see that there are no Running Races at all.
How often are running races held on Zwift? or are they held at all?
Also, during running races does the treadmill automatically incline to reflect the course on Zwift (I am assuming that it does) so that everybody who takes part in a race have to run with the same incline difficulty (same as on the bike).

Looking forward your feedback.
Thank you.

I would suggest joining the Zwift Runners group on Facebook.

Running is in its infancy on Zwift, it’ll grow just as cycling has.

And no it won’t adjust the incline. There are multiple threads on this if you look on this forum.

HI install the Companion app if you do not have it already and it will give all of the races and training runs for the week

about 0~1 race/day.

Please be careful about the race that a time limit was fixed for.
Ranking becomes random.