Speed vs in-game incline vs real treadmile inclie?

a question about how the speed is calculated in the game during the run.
When I’m running on the treadmill I never have any patience to follow the incline and adjust it on the treadmill. Thus I’m always running on the flat surface without any changes of incline on the treadmill. But the in-game incline is changes constantly, also, probably, some of the runners change their incline in order to bring the experience closer to the virtual world.
Thus the question, when everyone running the same route, but with different inclines on their treadmills, how the speed/progress of the avatar is calculated?

Virtual elevation changes have are no factor for in-gaming Running speed within Zwift.

So, everyone is running flat in Zwift, even if it shows some in-game elevaion %? Correct?
Thus, the only thing that matters is my real life speed measured by the foot pod? Correct?

For runners in Zwift all roads are flat.


For me, I run via my HR and tried to keep it in prescribed zones (HR over time).

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