beginner workouts that tie in with fitness levels

Are there any workouts that assess your fitness level first and then modify the workout to that so that you dont end up having a heart attack trying to push too many watts? Presumably something that would assess your heartrate at a given wattage and compare to age etc? If not can anyone advise on a method of doing this manually to enable an user edited work=out to to configured? thaks

Most workouts are based on a % of your FTP (Functional Threshold Power), the wattage you can keep up for an hour. Zwift calculates this for you, when you do  a few rides.

There is also a slider where you can change this FTP when you enter the workout (in the screen where it shows you how the workout is build). Lowering this slider lowers the intensity of the workout.

And you can manually set your FTP (I think), somewhere in the Zwift profile…

The first step is to do the workout called “FTP Test” which will asses your cycling ability by having you go as quickly as you can for 20 minutes. This will give you your ability level. 


Then whenever you do another one of the workouts it will be scaled according to your own ability.