Beer & bike jersey in reality

Dear Community,

in the virtual world of ZWIFT i wear the “beer & bike” jersey with joy and conviction.
I saw @Wes from the ZWIFT Team physically wearing this jersey on his profile photo.

Damn, i want one of these for my outdoor rides too. :grin:
Maybe there are more people interrested too.

I’d be so happy for any hints, where to get my own “bike & beer” jersey

ride on

You can buy their jerseys IRL at their shop

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That’s not the right club/shop, that’s one in the US.

The in-game jersey is from a Canadian club, who I’m not sure has a website or not. They’re on Strava at

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thanxs D

also an interesting opportunity.

thanx steve,

i’ll contact them.

Are we still able to unlock that jersey in Zwift? Cheers

Yes you can: