Baseline ride - Segment results in CA

After doing the Baseline Ride (long) I only see the results from the sprint and medium segment in the CA. The long segment (Epic Kom rev) is missing. Is there any explanation for that?

Hi @Almut_Kohler, try force closing the companion app and restarting it, that might fix it?

No change, unfortunately.

Now it’s there after some minutes. Thanks for helping!

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I also see nothing after completing the baseline. Did the full test. The activity shows completed in my activity feed but nothing recorded in Zwift academy page. :angry:

I can only see the short and medium segment performance results. I tried the suggestion of force stopping the ZC app (Android phone), opened it, waited and waited, but still no long segment.

If I uninstall ZC and reinstall, will all my other rides show up again?

Important: for scrolling you have to tap directly (!) on the field where the short and medium segment are displayed. Scrolling the whole page doesn’t scroll the segments…

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Thanks for your response Almut.

But where is my long endurance KOM result? Scrolling still just shows the medium or short results.



Have you tried moving the short / medium segment lines (the area marked red in the screenshot)? It looks like there is nothing below, but there is a line below with the long segment.

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Ohhh brilliant. Scrolling the lines did it.