Baseline ride - Where can you see the segment results

Did the baseline ride today. But can’t figure out where to see the segment results and how they compare to others. Can’t find in either the companion app nor Todays Plan. Is there a way? Anybody figured it out?

It is in the companion app on the Z Academy Road menu (drop down from the main screen just above the Events bar). Click on the progress bar (probably shows 10% if you have only done the baseline ride and no workouts) and you will see your results.

I don’t think there is any way to compare with others that I’ve seen.

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Thanks. Yes, that works :). Wish there was a way to get a comparison. Recall a few years back Todays Plan would show how your power curve compared to others in the Academy.

Well I think it is more about your personal growth, not comparing yourself to 150,000 or more other Zwifters. Which would just be depressing in my case :laughing:

Hello, for iPhone users, this menu is not present. :thinking:

It’s on my iPhone….

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Interesting, I am on iphone 10 with latest Ios and ZC app. Any idea ?

Go here:

It should show up as [Your first name] Dashboard and on the right of the screen will be the 10 rides you need to do with any you have done filled in. It also shows any items you have unlocked (apparently we get a bike as the last unlock).

GPLama shows the Companion App and how to view your results in this video:

If you are not seeing either of these things then you’re probably going to need to contact support as it seems your ride has not registered.

I have installed ZC on my iPad mini, and I see the ZA menu bar. I have done Baseline ride, the time of 3 segments appear. Maybe a screen size problem. I have sent an email to Zwift support.
Thanks for your help.