bailouts on alp du zwift?

it would be nice to have 2 or 3 “bailouts” at strategic hairpins on the alp du zwift. probably they’d be nice climbs in themselves (if done in reverse), and go back to the jungle loop.

the time to do whole climb is a big commitment for those of us juggling kids/work/sleep. if i could just do 1/3 or 2/3 of the climb, that might be more useful on a day-to-day basis.

i realize i could just u-turn at specific hairpins, and i probably will do that in the meantime. but with just two bailouts, you add many, many new loop options, and i think that would be pretty awesome.

I agree.

Good idea, it creates multiple climbs at the same time

Or a shortcut that goes straight up?

haha, i don’t think my trainer could handle the gradient of a straight up shortcut! :slight_smile:

Two minds on this one.

I think Zwift have responded to their competition offering simulation climbs by building a true sim of the AdH climb. If you ride AdH in the real world then there are no bailouts, once you start you make the commitment. If it all gets too much you have to turn around and descend. 

But, having some artistic license in the virtual world could maybe stretch to having a side road descent halfway up to add some extra route options. Obviously there is a whole load of programming involved though.


FWIW i think that there are enough climbing options on in Watopia to cover off most time windows that people have.

Because I’m so weak willed I wouldn’t like to see any bail-outs on Alpe du Zwift:

I’d never get to the top again.