Badges page stuck on CLOSE

ATV current
ZG 1.34.0
The Badges Page is stuck on the CLOSE
ATV remote unable to navigate off Close

Might be worth killing the app and launching again.

Thanks for flagging this up to us. Two of us at HQ were not able to reproduce this on our ATV’s that are updated to v 1.34.

Would you please charge your ATV remote fully, power cycle your ATV box, and see if you can reproduce this?

Remote is charged and works on all other pages. Just finished leading Accenders Group Ride and EZR Group Ride
Attached pictures and video for evidence
Video would not load but shows badge page CLOSE blinking and unable to move to badge area using ATV finger pad. Video also shows Garage navigating to different shirt wo issues

ATV was power cycled 3 different times