Badges for some Reverse courses

Looking at the badges that are awarded for the recently launched France and Paris courses, I see virtually every route has a forwards and a reverse option (e.g. Douce France & R.G.V.) while on all the older maps, you typically only get a badge for the forwards route only.

Now I’m not saying that EVERY route should have two badges, but I think a handful of the more popular routes should get reverse badges as well, for the following reasons:

  1. it would add to the variety of routes - I know I get bored that virtually every London route involves riding the Embankment in the east to west direction first or going up Box Hill instead of Fox
  2. if badges were awarded, it would mean they would also have to be available to be picked from the list of routes on the title screen. Yes I know you can U-turn, but when you do so, it doesn’t always correctly keep you on the reverse route at each junction, but if it was an official route then it would be set up right.

Personally I’d suggest the original “lap” routes that award a jersey for the reverse route (e.g. Watopia Hilly, London Loop, Richmond UCI, NY Park Perimeter) should have badges / always be in the default routes list and then maybe I’d add 2-3 more on Watopia, plus a reverse of Innsbruckring (e.g. the city loop not the KOM).