Away on Business and no smart trainer


I am about to go away overseas with work for a week and I’m trying to work out the best way to follow my Swift training plan without access to a smart trainer. The hotel I’m staying at has a gym and static bikes, but not sure what sort or their functionality.
Can I still follow a swift plan on my mobile device and adjust my cadence and power according to the plan? How do I register that I did the session?

Any help appreciated.

Kind regards


If you have power meter pedals you could bring them, and a wrench, and swap them out whenever you go to the hotels fitness center. But that’s a hassle and might cause problems with the hotel staff.

The easiest solution would be to take notes of what the steps of the workouts you need to do are and replicate them as best you can on the gym bike and just check the “I Did It” box on the workouts in your plan.

Another option would be to use an accelerometer based speed sensor and stick it to the flywheel of the gym bike with Velcro and pair with Zwift as if you’re on a generic dumb trainer. I don’t know how well this might work, but Des Fit has a youtube video where he did this with a Wahoo Speed sensor mounted on a spin bike to pair to a Garmin watch.

Hi Rodger,
Thanks for the reply. I think I ill go with the “I did it” option. seems like the simplest option.
Thanks again.