Average Wattage/FTP% per 'workout block'

I don’t know if this already exists and I have simply missed it but does Zwift - in the manner of some other training software - display one’s average Wattage and/or percentage FTP for each ‘workout block’? 

By ‘workout block’ I mean each coloured section down the left sidebar when one is doing a workout. 

For example, say I have a section within a workout where I’m doing ‘150 Watts for 3 minutes’; can I look anywhere and see what actual Wattage I did during that period? 

If that doesn’t already exist, perhaps it would be good to implement. I’d definitely like to know if I’ve been keeping my Wattage close to the recommended amount.

I know there’s already the ‘Perfect’, ‘OK’ or ‘Failed’ but, while useful and appreciated, that’s a little vague. It would be nice to know exact figures.

Should this already exist (which isn’t unlikely) and I’ve missed it (quite probable) can someone please point me toward it? Thanks. 

Yeah they need to improve workout stats. I use Trainerroad in conjunction with Zwift and Trainerroad gives me much more information about my workout both during the workout and after. My guess things will improve over time.

Hope so Nigel. 

It’s not the be all and end all or anything but I use Zwift almost exclusively for workouts and it would be useful to see exactly how those workouts went. 

The information is already there and stored by Zwift. All I want (in this instance anyway) is a breakdown of my Wattage for the individual workout blocks. I wouldn’t have thought that’s particularly difficult for them to do. As you said, TrainerRoad is able to do it so why not Zwift?

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