Avatar Stops when I coast

 I have my ANT dongle hard wired from the foot of my Cyclops Hammer to my PC but when I coast, if even for as little as 1 second, my avatar pulls over and stops.  The delays I am experiencing are frustrating and can’t be normal.

I am running CAT 6A cable, hard wired from my modem to my PC.  I have 10/2 download/upload speed.  

How can I make it better?

How fast are you going when you coast and are you going up hill? 

I really hope you have a router between the modem and your computer.

10x2 is fairly slow, what are your ping times to (Google DNS).

Is your modem a wifi router too?

I don’t notice it in Zwift, but if I have other devices connected to my wifi network it can affect things. My PC is hard-wired too.

Have you done a spin down?

My router is an Apple Time capsule, and I have CAT 6A cable running from the router into the computer.  I was told that is the fastest data set up I could get.  It doesn’t seem to matter if I can climbing or going fast or slow…



This shouldn’t have anything to do with your Internet speed. Zwift is designed to run the speed and physics calculations offline - it’s just how your position is transmitted to the rest of the world that requires a connection.

The more important questions are about what speed you’re going when you stop pedaling, if your speed/power readings are consistent or intermittent (are you getting dropouts?), how much your avatar weight is set to, and if you’re on a grade. 

Paul, I will double check my upload/download speeds.  Having done more rides, if I am going below 20k the avatar promptly pulls over and stops.  Crazy thing is the system is “so” responsive to when I coast but not really into when I start pedaling again.  I pedal for 20-40 seconds before the avatar starts moving again!