Avatar pedal speed not matching mine

I have a Sunny Health & Fitness Training Bike (SF-B121021) hooked up with the Favero Assioma DUO pedals. The pedals are calibrated and working properly. When I start to ride in Zwift, I can see my avatar pedalling so much faster than me, and faster than anyone around me. I have contacted Favero and have gone through the necessary checks to make sure the pedals are working correctly.
Hoping to get some help about this!

Hi @Alberto_Milazzo

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Just for clarification, is your primary concern that your avatar’s speed is much faster than you think it should be or are you saying the power (e.g. watts) are higher than they should be?

This is an important distinction because of the relation between speed and power in Zwift. Simply put, if the power readings seem okay, you can generally trust that your speed in Zwift is fine. This is due to the fact that speed in Zwift is a direct result of your power output plus numerous other variables (e.g. drafting, course gradient, the type of bike frame and wheels you’re using, etc…).

Or are they talking about cadence?


Hello and thank you for your replies.
My primary concern is that the avatar is pedalling faster than i think he should. Even when i pedal slow, the avatar pedals way too fast.
I forgot to mention I also have a wahoo cadence sensor attached to the bike, also configured properly.

to be clear @Alberto_Milazzo, are you only seeing an issue with the visual movement of the avatars cadence speed vs. your actual cadence. Or, is there an issue with how fast the avatar is moving in the game (mph/kph)?

I believe the favero pedals also measure cadence, so why do you have a 2nd cadence sensor? I would start by removing the wahoo cadence sensor and see if it improves.

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Hi @Alberto_Milazzo

My questions are identical to what Mike asked you. I’d very much like to have clarification if you mean that your avatar in Zwift is just visually or graphically appearing to pedal faster than you think they should or if your concern is with the cadence and/or speed numbers being incorrect?

Mike’s observation about the Wahoo cadence sensor is spot on as well. I don’t believe speed and/or cadence sensors will typically provide accurate readings if mounted on an indoor bike (e.g. spin bike) because those types of sensors are designed for road bikes.

As mentioned, if at the Zwift pairing screen you pair the Assioma power meter for cadence instead, you might be more satisfied with your cadence readings in general.

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Correct, The avatar is visually pedalling faster than me, and by alot. I can understand it may never be a perfect match, but it is obvious something is off.
I will remove my wahoo cadence and speed sensor and check back whether that helps. I had them installed before i got my assioma pedals and did not think they would interfere, and now i understand they shouldn’t be installed at all since i have the pedals that can do that.
I will come back with my findings!
Thanks again for your time.